Learning-to-Learn from Novice to Expertise: New Challenges and Approaches for One of the Oldest Topics of Cognitive Science

AbstractWe start with the following questions: (1) What can Cognitive Neuroscience tell us about the oldest of modern theories of skill acquisition? [Posner] (2) How does the latest neurocognitive research tie in with reinforcement learning models and theories to shed new light on remediation of effects due to schizophrenia or aging? [Vinogradov] (3) Are there overlooked but important phenomenon in learning or transfer? [Gray & Berry] (4) How do we instruct students on complex emergent processes as opposed to simpler sequential ones? [Chi] Each of our panelists brings us a snapshot of questions and issues on one or more of these questions for what we hope is an interesting and informative ramble through contemporary issues in learning.

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