Does Training in Inhibition and Working Memory Influence Analogical reasoning and Theory of Mind in Young Children?

AbstractThe present study was conducted to determine the effect of inhibition and working memory training on analogical greasoning and theory of mind in young children. We present the results of 58 4-year-old children who were given a pre-test and post-test with analogical reasoning tasks and false beliefs tasks. Between the pre-test and the post-test a specific training was provided. Children were divided in three groups according to the type of the training: a) group with inhibition training; b) group with working memory training; c) control group with conservation tasks training. Each training was 7 days long, 25 minutes per child every day. The results showed a significant increase in the post-test results of the groups undergoing inhibition and working memory trainings. The performance of the children tested was significantly better on the post-test in comparison to both the pre-test and the control group. The results clearly indicated the relation of inhibition and working memory to analogical reasoning and false belief understanding, and also the importance of training such executive functions in order to increase other cognitive abilities.

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