Do different anchors generate the equivalent anchoring effect? Comparison of the effect size among different anchors

AbstractAnchoring effect, the effect of precedent stimuli on subsequent numerical estimation, is one of the most studied topics in judgment and decision making. Many researchers have examined its psychological processes from many perspectives. However, few studies have directly compared strength of anchoring effects generated by different anchor types. The present study involved a behavioral experiment (numerical estimation task after presenting an anchor) and compared the effect size of anchoring effect on numerical estimations among different five anchors. We found that significant anchoring effect occurred only in two types of anchor. Common features of these two anchors were representation of specific number and the dimensional equivalence between an anchor and a target in the numerical estimation task. Thus, these findings indicated that presentation of a specific number with dimensional equivalence as in the target of a numerical estimation task plays an important role in the generation of robust anchoring effect. Psychological mechanisms on generation of anchoring effect are discussed.

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