Examining the Independence of Scales in Episodic Memory using Experience Sampling Data

AbstractWe investigated whether memories of different time scales (i.e., week, day, hour) are used independently (i.e., independence of scales). To overcome the limitations of previous studies that have low ecological validity in selecting the test stimuli, we used experience sampling technology. Participants wore a smartphone around their neck for two weeks, which was equipped with an app.that automatically collected time, images, GPS, audio, and accelerometry. After a one-week retention interval, participants were presented with an image that was captured during their data collection phase, and tested on their memory of when the event happened (i.e., week, day of week, and hour). We find that, in contrast to previous studies, memories of different time scales were not retrieved independently in everyday life. Additionally, we replicated previous laboratory findings such as correlations between confidence rating and memory performance, and patterns found between valence rating and memory accuracy.

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