The Effect of Theory of Mind on Detecting Social Norm Violation

AbstractIndividuals' judgments about social norm may have different sensitivities depending on personality and attitude, including their sensibility to social situation. Therefore, in this study we mainly focused on evaluating whether such perceiving others’ mental states (theory of mind) is related to social norm violation. Some social and personality traits also were explored to examine how they involve the sensitivity to detecting social norm violation. Both asking participants to judge the appropriateness of various behaviors occurred in different everyday situations/locations and collecting ToM status and other personality and social trait questionnaires were conducted for investigating the relationships with social norm violation. As a result, understanding others’ mind states through non-verbal manners has more tolerance in terms of the judgments of the appropriateness of social behavior. However, Nationalism was found to cause the opposite relationship. Furthermore, attitudes of cultural tightness and looseness is found associated with the sensibility of detect norm violations.

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