Examining the Representational Change Theory on the interpretation of Remote Associates Problem Solving

AbstractThe main purpose of current study is to examine the insight theory on the interpretation of remote associates problem solving. In our experiment, we manipulated the position of keyword to alter the relaxation of constraint in the problem. Three kinds of problems were presented: the Keyword-in-Front (KF), Keyword-in-Middle (KM) and Keyword-in-Back (KB) problems. Fifty-eight undergraduates were recruited and the eye movements while they were solving these three problems were recorded. The results indicate that, (1) the correct rate of KM problems are higher than KB problems. (2) When individuals solve the KF problems or KB problems, they would display more regression counts and spend more time gazing at the fixation region than key region. However, more time and regression counts are spent at the key region while solving KM problems. The results of current experiment support the explanation of Representation Change Theory on the solving process of remote associates problems.

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