Changing our Minds about Truth and Reality: Wild Systems Theory as a 21st Century Coherence Framework for Cognitive Science

AbstractThe present paper examines the historical choice points the led 20th century cognitive science to its current commitment to correspondence approaches to reality and truth. Such a “correspondence” driven approach to reality and truth stands in contrast to coherence driven approaches that were prominent in the 1800s and early 1900s. Coherence approaches refused to begin the conversation regarding reality with the assumption that the important thing about it was its independence of observers. The present paper fleshes out the differences between coherence and correspondence driven approaches to reality and truth, propose an explanation of why cognitive science came to favor correspondence approaches, describes problems that have arisen in cognitive science because of its commitment to correspondence theorizing, and proposes an alternative framework (i.e., Wild Systems theory—WST) that is inspired by a coherence approach to reality and truth, yet is entirely consistent with science.

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