Can violation of conversational behavior maintain a sense of unity in informal situations? - A study on perception of conversational behavior using interactive robots/agents -

AbstractIt is thought that, in conversation, we generally act and judge whether participants' conversational behaviors are appropriate at that time; that is, we avoid interruption of talk in formal situations. However, which behaviors are appropriate in what kinds of situations has been not studied well. Therefore, in this study, we focus on the violation of turn-taking rules (i.e., overlap or interruption) and investigate which behaviors are appropriate in each situation through an experiment using interactive robots/agents that can regulate conversational behaviors. The results showed that violation in formal situations significantly lowered the sense of unity, but, on the other hand, the sense of unity in informal situations showed no significant difference between contexts of violation and obeying of rules. Thus, the violation of conversational behaviors in an informal situation may maintain a sense of unity and this may contribute to revealing the mechanism behind perception of conversational behaviors.

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