Using replication studies to teach research methods in cognitive science

AbstractSome instructors of research methods classes are conducting authentic (i.e., publishable) replication studies with their classes (de Leeuw et al., 2018; Hartshorne et al., 2019; Hawkins et al., 2018; Leighton, Legate, LePine, Anderson, & Grahe, 2018; Wagge et al., 2019). This practice has, potentially, both pedagogical benefits for students and broader benefits for the scientific community (Frank & Saxe, 2012; Standing et al., 2014). Students experience an authentic research process from design through publication, providing opportunities for instruction on many different aspects of the research pipeline. When done with care, replications from the classroom become a valuable part of the scientific literature, and students fulfill an underserved role in science: performing direct replications (Everett & Earp, 2015).

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