Logicist Computational Cognitive Modeling of Infinitary False Belief Tasks

AbstractWe synoptically describe having achieved the unprecedented logicist cognitive computational simulation of quantified versions of any n-level (FBT_n, forall n in N) false-belief task, and hence of what we call the /infinitary/ false-belief task (FBT_omega); the achievement is enabled by the automated reasoner ShadowProver. Logicist cognitive computational simulation of the level-one (or, as it's currently known, "first-order") false-belief task (FBT_1) was achieved circa 2007 by Bringsjord et al. But subsequently cognitive science has seen the arrival such modeling and simulation successfully applied to the /second-order/ false-belief task (FBT_2). (This is the level-two FBT in our hierarchy of tasks.) But now, courtesy of what we report, logicist cognitive computational simulation of any FBT_n is accomplished for the first time, and hence the infinitary false-belief task (FBT_omega) is reached as well.

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