On the nature of creative processes: performativity as a missing algorithm

AbstractOur research aim is to build up a theoretical framework in which performativity is not considered as a property of some particular human abilities (such as language), nor as an additional feature of our creative intelligence. In our view, performativity is the motoric and executive counterpart of our cognition and as such is intrinsic to the physiological functioning of the mind. We believe that performativity has evolved alongside with those natural selection processes which have led the human species to develop articulated language and the embodied simulation. In such framework, cognition is a form of mediated action rather than the link between inner thought and overt behavior. According to our model, thus, action is not the mere externalization of a mental process, but is the process itself. Since such process is carried out through the body, we think that the species-specificity of the bodies occurring in nature paves the way for every individual’s knowledge of reality.

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