Effect of Suggestions from a Physically Present Robot on Creative Generation

AbstractThis study experimentally investigated the effect of suggestions from a physically present robot on human creative generation. In the experiments, we used a creative task in which the participants were required to draw creatures living on a planet other than the Earth, and a physically present robot, which provided suggestions for creative drawing to the participants with speech sounds and physical movements. First, the results of the pilot experiment confirmed that drawing creativity was enhanced for the participants supported by a robot; however, they were unlikely to refer to the suggestions. Based on the results, two hypotheses were developed: the suggestions from a robot offered a variety of different perspectives and facilitated metacognition (Hypothesis 1), and the suggestions worked as distractions and suppressed fixated perspectives (Hypothesis 2). The experiment was conducted to investigate these hypotheses. As a result, Hypothesis 1 was supported. The results were discussed based on previous studies.

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