The Effects of Video Interviews on Perceptions of Applicant Quality

AbstractPrevious research has shown that job candidates are rated significantly higher if evaluators are allowed to listen to their pitches rather than just reading the transcript (Schroeder & Epley, 2015). That research did not find any additional benefit from seeing the candidate on video, but did not examine whether watching a video interview was different from watching an interview in-person. Our experiment had 50 participants watch a mock interview in-person while 50 other participants watched the same interviews ostensibly through a live video feed in another room. Those who watched through video rated the job applicant significantly lower on all measured dimensions including agency, hireability, and intellect. These findings indicate that job applicants who are interviewed through a video-conference service or whose interviews are recorded and watched later are at a significant disadvantage to those who can be observed live. Potential causes and ameliorations of these effects are discussed.

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