Comparing the social judgements between American and Taiwanese cultures

AbstractWhile observing others in the society, people make explanations and judgements about others' behaviors. However, there should be cultural differences in affecting behavior judgments. The aim of the present study is to examine whether there are cognitive or emotional differences between Eastern and Western cultures while judging other people’s behaviors. Vignettes stimuli and the questions developed by Knutson et al. (2010) were used to measure how Taiwanese participants think and react while making behavior judgements. Factor analysis is conducted to compare the results with the original study completed in the US. The results revealed that for the Taiwanese participants, emotional aversion was more related to the norm violation, while for the American participants, according to the original study, aversion was more related to the social affect. The results of this comparison have demonstrated cultural differences between Taiwan and the US in how aversion could be evoked by observing others’ behaviors.

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