Towards building AI Life-coach agent for honing creativity

AbstractWorld Economic Forum report predicts that 35% of the skills needed to navigate the world of work will have changed by 2020. By 2020, creativity will be the third most sought-after skill, behind complex problem solving and critical thinking. Creative skills are future-proof, in that they cannot be Automated. “Art and creativity are essentially what makes us human and this is being backed up by research.” (Elaine Rumbol) How do you hone creativity? This seems to be an open question. The present study aims to build an architecture for AI agent(life-coach) that incorporates the latest research on creativity and guides the user based on the user’s personality traits, context, emotions, mood and cognitive load. The agent will detect the users emotional valance & Motivational Intensity which in turn will influence the attention focus (Broaden the mind (for free floating ideas) or result in narrow focus (linear, step by step goal attainment)). Toward this aim, we plan to run a series of tests for gathering user feedback. Design of the tests are underway.

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