Is Font Type and General Recommendation Really Playing Role in Dyslexic Comfortable Reading?

AbstractDifferent visualizations of texts have been studies within dyslexia and significant effect of font attributes have been proved. However, the newest studies show that dyslexia is not only a matter of visual or phonological deficit and could be connected to blue cone area spots. We present a study that was designed on the basis of previous published articles and recommendations. Participants were splitted into two groups of dyslexic and nondyslexic readers. We measured reading time, comprehension and personal preferences of font types. The results show that the fastest reading time does not correspond with highest preference. Moreover, we have an interesting observation concerning preferences and reading time of participants with computer science background. This article brings new insights which could serve for further research and new design of effect of font type studies and can support blue cone theory and critical role that different languages play in dyslexia.

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